Organization & Personal Coaching

Executive, Emerging Leaders and Teams:

Today’s Business environment requires strong leaders. Coaching supports individuals to grow their leadership capability. Building leadership skills at all levels of an organization is critical to success.

Coaching creates an environment for individuals to gain personal insight into their leadership style and areas for growth. Coaching unleashes authenticity, empowerment and the courage to step into new roles and lead.

I create a coaching environment that supports leadership growth and business results. Through the coaching engagement, the client learns about themselves, discovering their strengths and areas for development. In this process, I will coach their exploration and growth as a leader, always with the instrument of declared action and accountability.  Through coaching, clients increase their ability to inspire and ignite an innovative spirit within others.  Employees and teams flourish.

Jennifer has a proven track record of creating and support high-performing teams.

Coaching with Jennifer requires your commitment to learning, growth and taking transformative action steps. Here is a list of a few results you can expect:

Personal Expansion

  • Gain access to the wisdom of your entire “Intelligence System”: your Heart, Body and Mind.
  • Uncover your true passion and purpose
  • Step powerfully into your authentic self
  • Experience improvements in business outcomes

Professional Growth

  • Envision and become the leader you desire to be
  • Increase your confidence as a leader
  • Increased credibility, achievement and business results
  • Inspire and develop others to greatness
  • Witness the positive impact you are making on others

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Jennifer has strong leadership savvy and the ability to teach the art of influence and improve one’s negotiating skills with top executives and peers.  She coached me through several leadership challenges with regional leaders. Her ability to listen to both sides of the problem, ask curious questions to draw out perspectives and solutions was priceless. Her coaching skills enable dialogue and aids in the removal of communication barriers resulting in re-establishing and restoring trust in both parties. This helps both sides move forward to a positive outcome.  In addition, Jen has a proven track record as a “change agent” and “innovator”, with the ability to exercise strategic vision and business judgment to help anyone in business improve. Throughout our working career, I have witnessed Jen demonstrate strong leadership, business acumen and the ability to develop winning leadership strategies.

–  Mike Trogan, SV Presidet Fleet, Discount Tire

“Jen has helped me to improve my ability to connect with and influence people in powerful positions.  She quickly establishes an environment of trust by listening patiently and asking questions to understand, both intellectually and emotionally. She helps me think through any assumptions I hold or am making about a present or past situation. Her coaching style allows me to maintain focus on my approach and mindset to calmly but persistently influence and builds trust. I will always be grateful for the guidance that she has provided me in my career.”

– Chris, Executive Coach and  Learning Professional

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Personal Coaching

I believe everyone has special gifts, passion and purpose. You are UNIQUELY You!

My coaching practice is based on this belief. I am passionate about the concept of everyday leaders, about people like you and me, who can make an impact when we follow our heart and purpose.
As a Leadership and Personal Development Coach, I am able to help my clients make powerful shifts and achieve their goals.

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“Coaching with Jennifer Sanders enabled me to regain my confidence and return to joy in my life. I was extremely unhappy in many aspects of my life, in a demanding job and then I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Jen’s coaching style includes powerful questioning, perspective exploration, and other coaching tools which helped me step into my personal power and choice. I now have a job that I love, very little stress, my relationships are strong and my health is back. Today, I am confident in my leadership capability and have been rewarded by new career opportunities and success.”

– Dawn, RPA Designer, Banking Industry

“If your actions inspire others to dream more,
earn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams